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Fiber/Yarn Trademark and Brand Name Index

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Fiber/Yarn Trademark and Brand Name Index
A.M.Y.® - A.M.Y.® is Unifi's performance yarn providing permanent antimicrobial protection. A.M.Y. incorporates a silver ceramic additive providing durable antimicrobial performance for the life of the textile product. Unifi's proprietary process embeds the additive into the polymer matrix during manufacturing, creating a yarn with inherent antimicrobial properties.

aio® - Manufacturered by Unifi, this single performance yarn combines everthing that you need, in any combination you want. The yarn can incorporate moisture management, stretch, UV protection, and anti-microbial control.

Antron® - ANTRON® is the registered trademark for the INVISTA brand of commercial carpet fiber. ANTRON® is engineered for superior soil release, stain removal, durability and ease of maintenance. ANTRON® can be found in over 800 commercial styles made by today's leading carpet manufacturers. Being the only carpet fiber designated as an Environmentally Preferable Product, ANTRON® is third-party certified as having a reduced effect on the environment and on human health in comparative ratings with competing offerings. A durable product that offers superior performance, ANTRON® yields excellent life-cycle costs and the lowest total environmental impact.

Apexa® - This “Eco-Friendly” Polyester fiber, APEXA® is Biodegradable and “returns to nature”. It can be decomposed into carbon dioxide and water by microorganisms in nature after use. Apexa® can be used in the same way as conventional polyester, and it can also be recycled. Furthermore, it brings no pollution to the environment. APEXA® is registered trademark of E.I.DUPONT de Nemours and Company.

Augusta™ - Unifi's synthetic alternative to cotton, Augusta™ delivers the light hand, soft drape and simple aesthetics of a fine spun yarn across a variety of end-uses, including seamless apparel, intimate apparel, and casual sportswear. The benefits of Augusta include color retention, low pilling, wrinkle resistance, and easy-care.

Australian Merino Wool- With the help of Australian Wool Innovation, Merino wool is being rediscovered and reshaped by designers keen to take advantage of the move back toward natural fibers. A product of the ages, Merino wool yarn can be worn through all seasons, and is the fiber for our times. The increasing global preference for natural, eco-friendly and organic products has driven demand for environmentally assured Australian Merino wool.

Caprolan® - Caprolan® Nylon is a registered trademark of AlliedSignal Peformance Fibers. It is a high quality, Type 6 nylon fiber that is lightweight, durable, abrasion resistant and has excellent dyeability. Caprolan nylon is used for a variety of apparel and equipment, including knit and woven fabrics for linings, shells, outerwear, skiwear, sports bags, golf bags, fanny packs, day packs, and sleeping bags.

CELBOND® - CELBOND® is a family of technically advanced sheath-core bicomponent staple fibers. The core of each CELBOND® fiber is polyester for added strength and resilience. Surrounding the polyester core of each fiber is a special lower melting polymer sheath which, after exposure to heat, is designed to form a strong, cohesive bond with other fibers. These dual polymer fibers are designed to bond in a wide range of nonwoven and highloft structures. CELBOND® fibers' characteristics offer manufacturers a unique combination of beneficial properties for nonwoven products: Versatile bonding, Easy lamination, Increased strength, Maximum resilience, Enhanced fabric softness, Environmentally responsible CELBOND® bicomponent fibers can be blended with a variety of other fibers for bonding by air-lay, wet-lay, or dry form methods. end uaes include: Absorbent products, Airlaid products, Wet-formed products, Automotive components, Filtration products, Sensitive FDA-regulated uses, Resin-free fabrics

Celliant™ - This innovation is a specially formulated material that is knit, woven or added to fabrics to enhance oxygen levels in the body. By increasing oxygen levels in the body, Celliant has been clinically proven to relieve pain, promote quicker healing, improve sleep quality, heighten athletic performance and help to regulate body temperature. Celliant™ is available in a wide variety of applications for specific end-uses, including CelliantSleep, CelliantLife, CelliantHealth, CelliantMedical, CelliantSport, and CelliantPro.

Celliant™ Health - Standard wraps and bandages are designed to protect wounds and prevent further injury, but Developed by Hologenix LLC, products with CelliantHealth aid the body’s healing process by increasing oxygen levels, which has been clinically proven to improve healing and comfort. Wearers of products containing CelliantHealth are amazed at how quickly wounds heal and soreness vanishes. And, it’s all because the body is receiving the boost of oxygen it needs to expedite the natural healing process.

Celliant™ Life - Developed by Hologenix LLC, CelliantLife is a specially formulated material that enhances oxygen levels in the body, helping to increase comfort. CelliantLife can provide relieve to people who suffer from chronic pain, fatigue or soreness. Wearing a product containing CelliantLife can contribute to a healthier, more comfortable life.

Celliant™ Medical - Developed by Hologenix, LLC, CelliantMedical is a specially formulated material that is clinically proven to enhance the oxygen levels in your body. Products enhanced with CelliantMedical help to regulate body temperature, increase comfort and speed healing whether you are recovering from an injury, treating chronic pain or just seeking increased comfort for normal aches and pains.

Celliant™ Pro - Developed by Hologenix, LLC, CelliantPro is a specially formulated material that is clinically proven to enhance the oxygen levels in your body. Products enhanced with CelliantPro help professional athletes perform better, heal faster and rebound quicker whether they are recovering from an injury, treating aches and pains, or just trying to achieve optimum performance. Professional athletes can now take their game to the next level by wearing products with CelliantPro to boost energy, reduce soreness and recover faster.

Celliant™ Sleep - Developed by Hologenix, LLC, made with Celliat™ technology, CelliantSleep is specially formulated material to increase oxygen levels in the body, which improves comfort, providing deeper, more rejuvenating sleep. It measurably increases oxygen levels in the body and bloodstream, helping to build strength, and accelerate muscle recovery. CelliantSleep has been proven in clinical testing to help regulate body temperature during sleep. With CelliantSleep, your hands and feet maintain more comfortable temperature levels, aiding in better, more comfortable sleep.

Celliant™ Sport - Developed by Hologenix, LLC, CelliantSport gives athletes and fitness enthusiasts an extra boost of performance. By increasing oxygen levels in the body, CelliantSport heightens athletic performance, relieves pain, promotes quicker healing and improves overall wellness. With CelliantSport, wearing a garment made with CelliantSport can take your game to the next level. An athlete can achieve his/her fitness goals—adding another mile to a daily run, working out more often, and slashing recovery times between workouts. A wearer can reduce soreness, recover faster and boost energy when it counts. By increasing oxygen levels in the skin, CelliantSport relieves pain and promotes quicker healing.

Cocona® Fabrics - TrapTek's Cocona fibers and yarns are infused with activated carbon from coconut shells and provides moisture management, odor management and UV protection. The yarns and fibers are lightweight, comfortable and retain all other product features, such as stretch and washability for the life of the product. TrapTek's Cocona was named by Time Magazine as one of the most amazing inventions of 2005.

Comforel® - COMFOREL® is the registered trademark for the INVISTA brand of bedding products. It offers down-like luxury in bedding products such as pillows, comforters and mattress pads. COMFOREL® is also used in furniture applications, which include decorative pillows and mattress toppers. In pillows, COMFOREL® clusters shift and move like real down for comparable comfort, without the worry of allergies commonly associated with down. New "COMFOREL® Naturals" create an even greater feeling of luxury by blending the clusters with silk, cashmere and angora.

ComFortrel XP® - ComFortrel XP® is a fiber that gives both comfort and performance to apprel and socks. Qualities include great moisture management and shape retention. ComFortrel® is developed from a new patented co-polymer that allows fibers to be atmospherically dyed for beautiful colors. End-uses include knitwear, thermals, underwear, sleepwear, athletic wear, and socks.

ComFortrel® - ComFortrel® is a polyester fiber made by Wellman, Inc. For natural fiber comfort in a high performance yarn, ComFortrel® is engineered for superior breathability and wickability. Moisture moves away from the skin and doesn't get trapped in the fabric. And, because it's made of Fortrel®, performance is built right in. ComFortrel® provides superb pill resistance, maintains excellent shape retention, and doesn't shrink, wrinkle or stretch. And, it looks as good as it feels. End uses include high performance apparel, sportswear, childrenswear, and performance underwear.

CoolMax® - CoolMax®, made by Invista, is a tetra-channel polyester, which pulls, or "wicks", moisture away from your skin to the outer layer of the fabric. Because of the larger surface area of the tetra- channel fiber, moisture evaporates quickly. So, you stay dry and comfortable. CoolMax fabric is also highly breathable and easy to care for. It is used in a variety of apparel, sports accessories and medical wraps, braces and pads.

Coolmax™ EcoTech™ - This ultimate performance fabric delivers the same high- performance, quick-dry benefits and comfort as the original Coolmax® fabric, but has the added benefit of being made from recycled resources. The process for making Coolmax™ EcoTech™ fiber begins with post-consumer bottles made of polyethylene terephthalate, or PET.

CoolVisions® - Manufactured by FiberVisions, CoolVisions® is the premiere dyeable polypropylene fiber. Besides it dyeability feature, the fiber also incorporates a vast array of performance qualities including lightweight, comfort, cottony soft, moisture management, durability, breathability, thermal insultion, stain resistance, and easy care.

CORDURA® Ballistic Fabric - Developed by INVISTA, this fabric provides durable performance for a variety of end uses, including packs, luggage, workwear and motorcycle apparel. Products made with CORDURA® Ballistic fabrics feature enhanced tear and abrasion resistance, and long- lasting durability. CORDURA® Ballistic fabric is constructed with qualifying INVISTA yarns which are woven in the classic 2x2 basket weave construction, dyed and finished in accordance with INVISTA's approved fabric standards for the CORDURA® brand. The physical demands placed on today's combat soldiers, tactical and law enforcement officers have never been greater, and this intense use calls for a fabric that can take it.
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CORDURA® Baselayer fabrics - Developed by INVISTA, CORDURA® Baselayer Fabrics handle all the conditions and climates today's military and tactical officers face all around the world. CORDURA® Baselayer fabrics are constructed with qualifying INVISTA yarns which are knitted, dyed and finished in accordance with INVISTA's approved fabric standards for the CORDURA® brand and offer the durability of nylon & comfort of cotton. Strong yet lightweight, they have exceptional abrasion and moisture management, along with No Melt, No Drip thermal properties. CORDURA® Baselayer fabrics are now available with freshFX® fabric technology for lasting freshness.
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CORDURA® Brand Fabric - For more than 30 years, CORDURA® brand fabric has been recognized worldwide as the fabric of choice for manufacturers of high performance gear and apparel where durability counts. From backpacks and luggage to footwear, workwear, performance apparel and upholstery, INVISTA’s CORDURA® fabrics add stylish durability and lightweight strength to almost everything they are a part of.
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CORDURA® Classic Fabrics - Developed by INVISTA, this line of CORDURA® fabrics provide rugged durable performance for a variety of end uses, including packs, luggage, footwear and performance apparel. CORDURA® Classic fabrics are constructed with air jet textured yarns for enhanced tear and abrasion resistance and offer stylish durability and exceptional strength-to-weight ratio performance characteristics. Also available in select Solution-Dyed Nylon color portfolio for exceptional lot to lot color consistency and fade resistance vs. piece dyed alternatives.
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CORDURA® Denim Fabric - Developed by INVISTA, CORDURA® Denim Fabric helps hard- working jeans last longer than traditional 100% cotton denim. Based on an intimate blend of cotton and INVISTA’s T420 nylon 6.6 fiber, CORDURA® Denim fabric retains the authentic look and feel of cotton denim, but with added abrasion resistance, and toughness. Jeans made with CORDURA® Denim fabric are exceptionally durable without compromising on comfort and style. The authentic look, comfort, and feel of traditional 100% cotton denim with built-in long-lasting durability and exceptional abrasion resistance brings with it the heritage of the CORDURA® brand which has proven performance in the world’s toughest environments.
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CORDURA® Duck Fabric - Based on an intimate blend of cotton and INVISTA’s T420 Nylon 6,6 staple fiber, CORDURA® Duck fabric, developed by INVISTA, is specifically designed to deliver a comfortable, highly durable fabric solution with exceptional abrasion resistance and wear life. CORDURA® Duck fabric is designed for apparel, gear, and accessory applications that require an extremely durable yet stylish solution. Overall, CORDURA® Duck fabric offers exceptional abrasion resistance, and is targeted for essentially anywhere traditional 100 percent cotton canvas fabrics are used. End-uses are varied and cover a wide spectrum from outdoor, ready-to-wear, hunting, workwear, and even travel gear and accessories such as messenger bags and totes.
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CORDURA® HP Fabrics - Developed by INVISTA, this groupd of fabrics provide best-in- class polyester performance for a variety of end uses, including packs, bags, luggage, footwear and accessories. CORDURA® HP fabrics offer exceptional value and an optimal print medium.
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CORDURA® Lite Fabrics - Developed by INVISTA, this CORDURA® line of fabrics provide light weight durable performance for a variety of end uses, including technical packs, day packs, luggage and footwear. CORDURA® Lite fabrics offer enhanced tear and abrasion resistance with a wide variety of styling options.
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CORDURA® NYCO Fabrics - Developed by INVISTA, CORDURA® NYCO Fabrics offer comfortable durability in military uniforms, workwear and casual clothing. Based on an intimate blend of cotton and INVISTA’s T420 nylon 6.6 fiber, CORDURA® NYCO fabrics provide exceptional abrasion resistance, comfort, and durability. With more than 45 years of proven combat performance CORDURA® NYCO fabrics are durable, stylish and always ready to work overtime under some of the toughest workplace conditions. Lightweight and strong - it’s what tough, stylish clothing has been waiting for.
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CORDURA® UltraLite Fabrics - Developed by INVISTA®, this line of CORDURA® fabrics provide light weight durable performance with a wide variety of styling options. Based on high tenacity nylon filament fiber technology, CORDURA® UltraLite fabrics are ideal for a variety of end use applications where optimal strength-to-weight ratio is critical, including technical packs, day packs, stuff sacks, pouches, performance apparel, footwear and accessories.
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Creora® - Creora® is the trademark name for Hyosung America's spandex yarn. Creora heat-resistant H350 is specifically engineered for polyester compatability and offers improved wash fastness and quality in soft, quick-drying blends.

CuTEC™ - Developed by Next Fiber Technology, CuTEC™ is a unique and proprietary Copper Fiber Technology that provides a natural anti-odor and hygienic protection against micro-organisms, such as bacteria and fungi that attack the CuTEC™ fibers. The technology utilizes the qualities of copper and binds the copper to 1) polyester, 2) nylon or 3) re-cycled polyester fibers. Woven and knitted products containing CuTEC™ copper fibers can be effectively used in the production of running, trail, race and recovery, diabetic and every day wear socks, base layer apparel, insole fabrics, sports bras, narrow elastics, athletic apparel, intimates, anti-embolism hosiery, and much more.

Dacron® - DACRON® is an Invista polyester fiber, initially developed as a filament yarn for apparel fabrics. The product introduced "easy care" to the market by being the first brand to deliver wash-and- wear benefits to garments. The size, shape and chemistry of DACRON® fibers have been engineered to deliver textile features and benefits not just to apparel. It is used as fiberfill in pillows and decorative fabrics in home textiles. Its exceptional adaptability has also led to the creation of new products in the commercial upholstery and automotive markets.

Dorlastan® - Dorlastan® is the spandex fiber produced by Bayer Inc. It is lightweight and soft, but stronger and more durable than rubber. Dorlastan can be stretched over 500% without breaking, and can be stretched repeatedly and still recover it's original length. It provides lightweight freedom of movement in men's, women's and children's apparel. Uses include athletic apparel, bathing suits, foundation garments, ski pants, slacks, tights, slacks, support and surgical hose.

Dow XLA™ - This elastic filament fiber is a olefin based fiber developed by Dow Fiber Solutions. XLA™ is resistant to harsh chemicals and high heat, enabling XLA™ to be applied across a wide range of apparel products, including swimwear, ready to wear, denim, intimates and activewear. XLA™ fiber is inherently chlorine proof and resists the harmful combination of UV exposure and suntan lotion, helping swimwear maintain bright colors, prints, and fit. The fiber withstands the harshest treatments in denim, including bleaching, grinding, stonewash, resin and laser. XLA™ complements the drape and hand of the host fabric without giving garments a synthetic feel, and provides easy care and durability.

Dri-release® - Dri-release is an engineered yarn, developed by Optimer Performance Fibers, which uses a patented microblend of natural and synthetic fibers, combining the best qualities of both. The natural fibers absorb moisture, pulling it off the skin and onto the fabric. Synthetic fibers repel moisture, forcing it through to the surface of the garment where it evaporates quickly as airflow moves across the surface of the fabric. Dri-release also has the added proprietary benefit of FreshGuard, a natural component and unique process activated right in the yarn, helping this ultimate performance fabric virtually elim

EcoCare - Developed by Nilit, this new recycled nylon fiber is the only nylon 6.6 with deep, uniform color. It retains the properties of the nylon virgin fibers and gives excellent color depth and uniformity in the regular dye process.

EcoSure2™ - Produced by the David C Poole Company Inc., EcoSure2™ is a sustainable, performance polyester staple fiber made from 100% post-consumer recycled PET packaging. EcoSure2 fibers reduce the amount of waste that burdens our landfills and diminishes our earth's natural resources. EcoSure2 products are independently tested and certified sustainable by the North Carolina Center for Applied Textile Technology. The fiber is a tetra-channel cross-section staple fiber specifically designed for performance moisture management. This unique cross-section facilitates moisture vapor transport, keeping the wearer dryer during vigorous exercise and strenuous activities.

EcoSure™ - Made by the David C. Poole Company, Inc., EcoSure™ is the environmentally conscious recycled polyester fiber derived from 100% post-consumer recycled PET packaging. (PET is Polyethylene Terephthalate, a plastic resin used to make bottles for soft drinks and other consumer products.) EcoSure fibers are chemically and functionally similar to those made from non-recycled fibers with one major difference: EcoSure™ fibers are sustainable and reduce the amount of waste that burdens our landfills and diminishes our earth's natural resources. EcoSure™ products are independently tested and certified sustainable by the North Carolina Center for Applied Textile Technology. EcoSure™ staple products are available in 1.2 denier to 500 denier.

ESP® - ESP® is a polyester textured filament yarn made by Invista. ESP stands for Extra Stretch Performance fiber. It has high stretch potential and excellent recovery properties. ESP yarn is used as filling or warp yarn in wovens to produce primarily one-way stretch fabrics and is used in warp knit and circular knit fabrics for two-way stretch. ESP polyester can be combined with most other textile fibers, including regular polyester, acetate, cotton, rayon, wool and others, and can be used to create special effects, such as crepe, crinkle, or surface effects. It is used in a variety of high performance garments including skiwear, swimwear, cycling pants and jerseys, running tights, leotards, diving suits, denim, and workout wear.

FIBRIQ Technology - Developed by P & G, FIBRIQ is used with natural, renewable fibers and blends with a wide range of textile fibres. Its ability to manage moisture allows these fabrics to dry 20 to 30 percent faster. FIBRIQ also reduces the need to iron allowing consumers to further limit their carbon footprint while maintaining a fashionable wardrobe.

Finesse® - Finesse® is made by Invista with microfiber polyester yarn for high performance, water resistant, breathable outerwear and activewear. The fiber is finer than the finest silk, but is durable and washable.

Hydrofil® - Hydrofil® Nylon is a registered trademark of AlliedSignal Performance Fibers. It is a highly absorbent and quick drying nylon for knit, woven, and nonwoven moisture management fabric systems. It has comfort characteristics like cotton and can hold 15% of its weight in water and not feel damp. Hydrofil is used in linings for outerwear, gloves, hats, activerwear, and footwear and base layer apparel.

Ingeo® - This PLA fiber, developed by NatureWorks LLC, is a polymer fiber made with 100% annually renewable resources, such as corn. Fabrics, made with Ingeo, look and feel like those made from a natural fiber. But they have the performance qualities of a synthetic. The properties, inherent in the fiber, remain constant throughout the production cycle, whether the use is for the raw fiber or finished product.

Kevlar® - Kevlar® is an aramid fiber produced by DuPont and used in high performance protective apparel. It has no melting point, low flammability, and good fabric integrity at elevated temperatures. It is used in flame-resistant clothing, protective vests and helmets, sail cloth and sporting goods.

Lenzing Modal® - This rayon fiber is particularly well suited to blends with cotton since both fibers have similar properties. In particular, the dyeing performance of Lenzing Modal® emulates that of cotton. Naturalness plays a key role in Lenzing Modal®. The fiber is made from beech wood, a natural raw material. The pulp used for fiber production is made by Lenzing to guarantee consistent and reliable quality. The natural softener makes Modal fabrics pleasant to the touch even after repeated washing. Hardening of the rayon fabric, which occurs as a result of limestone deposits and traces of detergent, becomes a thing of the past with Lenzing Modal®.

Lycra® - Lycra® is the spandex fiber produced by Invista. It is lightweight and soft, but stronger and more durable than rubber. Lycra can be stretched over 500% without breaking, and can be stretched repeatedly and still recover it's original length. It provides lightweight freedom of movement in men's, women's and children's apparel. Uses include athletic apparel, bathing suits, foundation garments, ski pants, slacks, tights, slacks, support and surgical hose.

MAPP® - MAPP®, which stands for Merino Advanced Performance Program, is a fabric produced using exclusive Merino fibers sourced from only the cleanest and purest New Zealand alpine environments. MAPP® incorporates these "Natural Performance" fibers into fabrics specifically designed to work in activity apparel. MAPP® is the "Guarantee of source, process, and functionality."

Meryl® - Meryl® is Nylstar's registered trademark for its nylon/polyamide microfiber, which allows the softness of microfiber to be combined with excellent absorption capacity in order to maintain a balanced comfort level during athletic activities. Because Meryl is a microfiber, it is extremely lightweight. It also is machine washable, dries three times faster than cotton, and reuqires little or no ironing.

Meryl® Actisystem - The Meryl® Actisystem is an innovation in textile fibers, designed to meet the demands of both athletic and leisure activities. Developed by Nylstar, These fibers have been created with cutting-edge technology, and are the result of continual research into the leading solutions that fully satisfy a wide variety of performance requirements. Therefore, the Meryl Actisystem is designed to revolutionize technical apparel for sports enthusiasts.

MicroSpun® - Developed by Wellman Inc., MicroSpun® is a polyester microfiber. It provides more clarity to colors, It is soft, light, breathable,and comfortable to wear. Fabrics made from MicroSpun have a luxurious feel with an incredible drape and flow. It possesses all the performance characteristics of a microfiber including moisture transport, wind resistance, and water resistance capabilities. MicroSpun fabrics hold their shape, but won't shrink, stretch, or wrinkle. End-uses include menswear, womenswear, activewear, outerwear, and home furnishings.

MicroSupplex - MicroSupplex" is Invista's microdenier nylon fiber. As a microfiber, it allows for tight, densely constructed woven fabrics, while being soft and lightweight. Fiber s are even finer than silk. It has twice the wind resistance of standard nylon with greater water resistance and good abrasin resistance. It is ued for rainwear, running and swim shorts, cycling jackets, golf and tennis apparel.

Minerale™ - This fabric, developed by Cocona, Inc., uses natural technology™ derived from volcanic minerals. Minerale™ improves the performance and comfort of fabrics by providing exceptional evaporative cooling, odor resistance and added UV protection to keep the wearer comfortable in any environment. The naturally occurring minerals in Minerale™ fabrics are widely used to purify and soften water, because of their ability to absorb impurities. The natural technology™ in Minerale™ is inside the fiber, so it will not wash off or wear out. It is permanent and always working. As a complementary technology to Cocona®, Minerale™ fabrics provide a means to have pure white, pure colors, and finer denier fabrics.

MynxUV® - MynxUV® is Unifi's UV protection yarn that can achieve a 50- plus UPF rating, compared to cotton fabrics of the same construction, which offer only a 5 UPF rating. The UPF properties in this yarn are permanent, lasting the life of the garment. The soft MynxUv yarn also offers wrinkle resistance, color retention, and easy care qualities.

NanoGLIDE™ - Developed by Next Fiber Technology, NanoGLIDE is a Permanent PTFE Patented Technology for performance apparel and socks that will not wash or wear out, and will retain all other features such as stretch. The fiber’s natural color is white with denier ranges from 60-1200. NanoGLIDE is raising the bar by taking moisture management, skin protection, abrasion, and comfort into high energy levels of: 1) extreme moisture wicking, 2) enhanced durability, 3) ultra-fast drying, 4) reduced friction and 5) extreme abrasion resistance. NanoGLIDE's extreme performance and comfort is gentle on the skin, yet achieve maximum protection. The NanoGLIDE Technology can be used on both knit and woven fabrics.

Nüwash® - This proprietary hybrid fiber, developed by Nüwa Textiles, has a unique finish, which offers both durability and endless design options. The fabric is featured in stonewashed denim effects, heathers, straw mat looks, or tatamis through the careful intermixing of 95% nylon and 5% synthetic blended fibers that react differently to the dyestuffs. The resulting Nüwash® fabric features three to four colors within the yarn, resulting in a depth and richness not previously achieved in ballistic performance nylon. Developed in heavier weights, the fabric is available in a full range of 400, 840, and 1680 denier ballistic weaves. Nüwash® fabric is suitable for a variety of end-use applications including luggage, backpacks, shoes, river gear, sailing equipment, and other heavy-duty applications where performance is a requisite.

Outlast® - Outlast® Temperature Regulating Fibers and Fabrics contain millions of micro-thermal spheres that create a dynamic thermal barrier that works to keep the micro-climate next to the skin warm and comfortable, despite changes in outside temperature. These micro-thermal materials absorb, store, distribute, and release heat in response to the body's comfort needs. Uses include: ski boot, gloves, hats, pants, parkas, mountaineering wear, sleeping bags, socks, thermal underwear and bedding products.
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Outlast® Fibers - The microcapsules containing Outlast® technology are located inside the fibers. The Outlast® fibers are spun into yarns and then made into fabrics or finished products. In-fiber applications are for products being worn next to or very close to skin. Since 1994, Outlast® acrylic fiber has been used in a variety of products including socks, hats, and sweaters. Outlast® viscose is used in such products as shirts, dresses, sleepwear, intimates, work wear and sportswear. The newest Outlast product is Outlast® polyester, which is a bicomponent fiber that has revolutionized polyester. This fiber contains a PCM (phase change material) core with standard polyester as a sheath. Outlast® polyester is perfectly suited for functional apparel and other applications worn next to skin including t- shirts, socks, base layers, athletic wear and underwear, all offering superior comfort.
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Polarguard® - Polarguard® ∆ continuous filament polyester is the newest member of the Polarguard Family of Insulation Products. Polarguard ® ∆ combines a super void cross section with modified batting formation. The larger void creates higher loft with less weight, making it warmer, yet lighter. The result is a state-of-the art insulation that offers superior performance in sleeping bags and outdoor apparel under the harshest environments.

Polarguard® - Polarguard® is an insulation continuous filament polyester fiber developed by INVISTA. It has been specified by the U. S. Armed Forces, as the insulation material for its Extreme Cold Weather Sleep System sleeping bag, which must protect in extreme cold environments of minus 60 F. It was selected because of its high warmth to weight ratio and easier compressibility. It was selected over goose down because of its superior insulation when wet.

Polarguard® 3D - Polarguard® 3D, made by INVISTA, is a continuous, polyester fiber with a down-like softness. It is used for fiberfill for sleeping bags, gloves, outdoor jackets and pants, and for other outdoor gear. The exclusive high-void cross section of the fiber prevents collapse and retains loft after years of use. In Polarguard 3D the new finer deniers create insulation that remains strong and warm for high performance outerwear.

Polarguard® HV - Polarguard® HV is a polyester insulation produced by INVISTA. The HV stands for "high void continuous filament." It offers all the advantages of Polarguard® but is 25% lighter, because it traps greater quantities of air. It is also highly compressible, resists wet conditions, and is very durable. Most sleeping bag manufacturers give it a lifetime guarantee.

PrimaLoft® ECO - PrimaLoft ECO uses fibers made with 70% post consumer recycled materials to create a high loft, thermally efficient, earth-friendly insulation.

PrimaLoft® ECO FOOTWEAR - PrimaLoft ECO FOOTWEAR uses fibers made with 50% post consumer recycled materials to make a thermally efficient insulation. This earth friendly product provides superior durability and fit for lasting comfort. Gram for gram, PrimaLoft ECO FOOTWEAR keeps feet warmer, wet or dry.

PrimaLoft® INFINITY - PrimaLoft INFINITY is a fine denier high-loft continuous filament insulation engineered for maximum warmth, compressibility, and softness.

PrimaLoft® ONE - PrimaLoft ONE is the highest performing insulation on the market for warmth, water resistance, softness and compressibility. PrimaLoft ONE is an ultra fine micro fiber insulation that is as warm, soft, and lightweight as down, and is warmer wet or dry than all other insulations.

PrimaLoft® SPORT - PrimaLoft SPORT is a premium performance insulation engineered for superior warmth, water resistance, loft, softness and compressibility.

PrimaLoft® The Luxury Down Alternative™ - PrimaLoft® - The Luxury Down Alternative™, is the synthetic insulation of choice for the world’s leading bedding and home manufacturers. It’s incredibly soft and lightweight, antimicrobial and hypoallergenic, and machine washable and dryable for easy care. PrimaLoft was developed by Albany International Corp. under contract to the U.S. Army to mimic the properties of down while maintaining the performance aspects of a synthetic. It is a unique microfiber polyester fill that is as soft and warm as down. PrimaLoft bedding and home furnishing products can be found in fine specialty stores, department stores, and catalogs.

PrimaLoft® YARN - PrimaLoft YARN is a knittable microfiber yarn that can be used alone or combined with other materials, such as Merino Wool or Cotton, to enhance softness and performance characteristics.

ProModal® - This innovation from Lenzing Fibers is a fiber blend of Lenzing Modal® and Tencel® in which two fibers complement each other. The combination of these two fibers unites the softness and functionality of both fibers.

RadElast® - This elastane fiber, developed by RadiciSpandex, are specifically engineered polymers that provide the exact match for all end-use physical and chemical performance requirements. From chlorine resistance to high heat resistance and soft retractive power, RadElast® offers a spandex fibre suited for every need. RadElast® elastane fibers provide the performance element to active-wear, swim-wear, sporting and outdoor activity apparel fabrics and athletic-wear. RadElast® fibers also provide comfort, control, wrinkle resistance, fit and aesthetic value in intimate apparel, body shaping garments, sheer hosiery, socks, dresses, suits, footwear, lining fabrics and outerwear. Specially engineered elastic fiber products provide fit and functionality in disposable personal care products such as baby diapers, fem-care and adult incontinence garments, protective masks and other disposable medical and industrial garments and appliances. RadElast® is also used as a performance element in upholstery, automotive, filtration and many other innovative industrial applications.

Recyclon™ - A new product line of recycled nylon 6 fibers. Through this recycling process, Toray uses off-spec yarn generated during its virgin nylon production to create post-industrial recycled nylon yarn. Through this new process, the company utilizes only 15% of the energy required during the production of virgin nylon fibers made from petroleum.

Reflexx® - Reflexx® is a family of stretch yarns produced by Unifi. The yarn was developed to enhance style and comfort without the use of an expensive spandex yarn. The Reflexx yarn has an engineered stretch and recovery that can provide varying amounts of stretch from comfort stretch to performance stretch. The stretch properties last the life of the fabric, and the yarn also possesses quick drying and easy-care qualities.

Repreve® - Developed by Unifi, Repreve® is a family of first-quality, eco- friendly yarns made from 100% recycled materials. Repreve meets FTC guidelines for recycled products.

Repreve® Nylon 6,6 - Like Repreve® polyester, this yarn is a first quality yarn made from 100% recycled materials. The production of Repreve® offsets the need to produce virgin polyester and nylon, coserving petroleum-based resources. On average, the current annual production of Repreve® is estimated to conserve the equivalent of 6 million gallons of gasoline.

S-Café™ - A composite yarn technology from Singtex® Technical Fabrics, this is a nano-technology polyester yarn, which utilizes recycled coffee grounds, a by-product of the coffee industry, in the polyester polymer solution to produce an eco-polyester. Currently, S-Café is only available in filament yarns. The company is working on a staple version.

SeaCell® - This marine fiber is the combination of cellulose (lyocell) and the active substances of seaweed (e.g. Ascophyllum nodosum) and silver. In this fiber, the natural cellulose-based lyocell fiber acts as the carrier for the natural, health-promoting substance---seaweed. The result is a soft, breathable, stimulating and comfortable fabric that is available in the two versions: SeaCell® active fiber and SeaCell® pure fiber.

Sensil® - Sensil® is the treademark name for Nilit Corporate America's family of 6.6 polyamide yarns. These branded novelty fibers, designed for extreme comfort and easy-care, are used for both circular and seamless knitting. The benefits of Sensil® include: High-color fastness; Soft hand even after repeated washings; Quick drying; Lightweight;Adaptable for delicate intimate apparel to rugged sportswear with performance properties. End-uses include intimate apparel, bodywear, activewear, and legwear.

Sensura® - Developed by Wellman Inc., this revolutionary fiber has built-in softness, smoothness, and performance. Fabrics made from Sensura are sensual and soft, yet resilient and durable.It takes less dyestuff, less energy, less water in the production. Sensura dries twice as fast a cotton, and it's comparable with high-tech fibers too. It moves perspiration away from the skin, transporting it to the fabric surface. End-uses include active sportswear, weekend wear, and socks.

SOLARMAX® - SOLARMAX® is the registered trademark for the INVISTA brand of UV-resistant fiber and fabric. It features superior ultraviolet resistance and durability that promote excellent style benefits for use in outdoor fabric applications. SOLARMAX® is ideal for use in flags, banners, hot-air balloons, parachutes, life jackets, tents and other such products that must withstand environmental stress. An inherent strength and a built-in ultraviolet resistance, using a base type 6,6 nylon, allow superior performance over type 6 nylons and polyesters of similar fabric constructions.

Sorbtek® - Sorbtek® is Unifi's advanced "Catch, Move, and Release System" yarn, which moves moisture faster and further than any yarn available today, keeping the wearer drier longer. In addition to being fast drying, fabrics made from Sorbtek are lightweight, shrink resistant, and provide stain release protection, fabric breathability, and increased anti-stat properties.

Sorona® - Sorona®, the latest fiber-grade polymer innovation from DuPont, offers a three-part environmental story. Made with renewable resources instead of petrochemicals, Sorona® requires 40% less energy to produce than an equal amount of petrochemical-based nylon. Producing Sorona® reduces CO2 emmissions up to 60% over an equal amount of petroleum-based nylon.

Spectra® - Spectra® Nylon is a registered trademark of AlliedSignal Performance Fibers. Spectra is a high molecular weight polyethylene (HMWPE) and the strongest and lightest manmade fiber. Light enough to float, Spectra fiber also exhibits superior resistance to chemicals, water and ultra-violet light. It is used for climbing ropes and slings, wakeboarding ropes, ultratechnical backpacks, shoes, and softsided luggage.

Sportwool™ - Sportwool™ fabric construction features the finest Merino wool against the skin, to provide a micro-climate environment which draws vapor away from the skin, expelling it out into the atmosphere. The removal of the vapor from the micro-climate between the skin and fabric reduces the formation of liquid sweat, leaving you drier and more comfortable.

Spunnaire® - Spunnaire® is a fiber that gives both comfort and performance to apparel and socks. Qualities include great moisture management and shape retention. Spunnaire is developed from a new patented co-polymer that allows fibers to be atmospherically dyed for beautiful colors. End-uses include knitwear, thermals, underwear, sleepwear, athletic wear, and socks.

Supplex® - Supplex® Nylon is made by Invista. It is a cottony soft nylon that offers the performance benefits of a man-made fabric with the look of cotton. It offers protection from wind and rain and is durable. Light weight and quick drying it is used for gym shorts, jackets, windbreakers, running suits and more.

SUPRIVA™ - SUPRIVA™ is a family of fibers designed to create durable, highly styled accent and kitchen rugs. SUPRIVA™ is a registered trademark for the INVISTA type 6,6 nylon which is designed to stand up to traffic and wear. Because of its styling flexibility, mills can create fashionable printed rugs, elegant solids and natural-looking textures using SUPRIVA™ fibers. Rugs made with SUPRIVA™ nylon are market favorites, and can be found at the major home furnishings retailers.

Tactel® - Tactel® Nylon is made by Invista. It is a silkier softer nylon with a crinkle finish. It offers protection from wind and rain and is durable. Light weight and quick drying, it is used for gym shorts, jackets, windbreakers, running suits and more.

Tencel® - This lyocell fiber is the first cellulose fiber to draw its strength from this nano-technology. As a result of the controlled and regular structure of nano fibrils, new functional properties can be introduced to TENCEL® fabrics. These are hydrophilic and guarantee excellent moisture absorption combined with optimum moisture management. The production process of Tencel is environmentally-friendly. As a result, the fiber was awarded the European ECO Award, combined with the purity of the fiber.

Thermolite® - Thermolite®, made by Invista, provides warmth and comfort without weight, even when wet. It's a lightweight fabric that provides heavy-duty performance, because it's a performance fabric that traps air for greater insulation. It dries 20% faster than other insulating fabrics, and 50% faster than cotton. Thermolite® is the perfect layering fabric because it's comfortable and lightweight, allowing more freedom of movement.

Thinsulate™ Insulation - Made by the 3M Company, Thinsulate™ Insulation is a microfiber blend of polyolefin and polyester, which is very thin, lightweight, warm, moisture resistant, and breathable. Thinsulate insulation absorbs less than 1% of its weight in water, an important feature for maintaining warmth under damp conditions. Because it is so thin, it provides the warmth of a big jacket in a much less bulky garment. It is used in high-performance outerwear, jackets, gloves, hats and footwear. Thinsulate™ Ultra® is a softer version.

Tru-Ballistic® - Tru-Ballistic® Nylon is is a registered trademark of AlliedSignal Performance Fibers. It is a high-strength, puncture and tear resistant, 1050 denier ballistic nylon with excellent color uniformity. Orginally engineered for military flak jackets, it is now used for the finest lightweight softsided luggage, computer and sports bags.

Wear-Dated® - Wear-Dated® carpet fiber, made by Solutia, has earned its reputation as one of the most durable choices for carpet. Carpet made with Wear-Dated® carpet fiber is available from the major carpet manufacturers and brands, like Mohawk (Karastan, Aladdin, Horizon, CustomWeave, Wunda Weve), Shaw (Tuftex, Philadelphia, Queen, World, Trustmark), Beaulieu (Coronet, Hollytex), Royalty, Gulistan, Milliken, Fabrica, and Masland.

X-Static® - X-Static® - The Silver Fiber, has a layer of pure silver permanently bonded to the surface of the textile fiber. The process is such that the fiber, with its silver layer, retains traditional textile and tactile characteristics. It can be used in knits, wovens, and non-wovens as either a filament or spun yarn. X-Static offers all of the benefits known to be inherent to pure silver, only in a textile fiber.

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